5 mistakes in product photography and how to avoid them?

product photography

To assist your own product photography efforts and skills there are mistakes that should not be overlooked and these are as follows-

First and the main mistakes is POOR LIGHTING- It does not only affect the quality of pictures in product photography, but every photograph ever taken. The common error is the mixing of different light sources that includes daylight plus colourful lightings. While talking about different kinds of lighting we need to make sure that to get a perfect click we need some artificial lights to make your object look more professional. Secondly, natural light is the best lighting you can use but it will not enhance a particular object, for that you need to keep it in mind and use some kind of studio lighting. Because you need a right balance of lighting, shade, brightness, and highlights.

Second flaw is the PHOTOGRAPHING REFLECTIONS- After getting the lighting right you need to show your concern on the reflections of product photography. To balance that you need to use diffusers with your light source can resolve many problems here.

Thirdly, you need to AVOID TAKING PICTURES WITH BUSY BACKGROUND- You need to keep your picture aesthetic simple in product photography to look more professional. Also you need to have main focus on the product that is been clicked. Keeping your background as clean as possible will make the product look good.

BLURRED IMAGE is also a very major concern- It can be caused by camera shake while taking pictures. To get a non blurry picture of the product you need to use a tripod for the stedy shots and also should set a timer on the camera so that before clicking there is no movements in the camera. The second reason is the focus, you need to take proper time for clicking non burry pictures.

Fifth mistake is the LACK OF PICTURES TAKEN- In product photography your main focus is to show your product in a best way possible, for that you need to have as many options with you to show it to your client. More the options the more you will grab the attention, also while planning a setup for your product photography it takes a whole lot of time so for that you need to click as many shots and also with different angles extra shots cost nothing but increase your product photography game.

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